Email Manager: Automation with Laserfiche

On average we spend between 45 and 90 minutes per day organizing and searching email. Why?

Thursday, November 7th at 2pm EDT (11am PDT):
Learn how Laserfiche users are automating email to drive workflows for some of our most common email practices to save time, boost productivity, and finally encompass email into the records management systems and workflows.  

Presenter: Phil Dixon, current CEO of CMA, and former VP of Business Development and Marketing, Construction Imaging.

Additionally, we'll discuss how customers are saving time and money:

  • Email management best practices
  • Email automation technologies
  • Triggering mission critical workflows
  • Challenges with email management today
  • The solution to the problem: including our integration between Outlook and Laserfiche

We will spend about 45 minutes discussing these issues including a software demonstration and allow 15 minutes for Q&A.

We look forward to a lively discussion.

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